“The Battle of Bothwell Bridge” Summary


The Battle of Bothwell Bridge


Earlstoun, rejecting a suggestion that he should hide away, says that he will go to Bothwell Hill as he has sworn to do and he joins the group of Covenanters heading there. The Duke of Monmouth, in command of the royal army, meets them and says they can go home in safety if they lay down their arms but they refuse.  The royalists command the field with their cannon and fire on the Covenanters.  Monmouth calls a halt to the massacre and orders his men to offer quarter. Claverhouse is furious and swears that his cornet’s death will be avenged but Monmouth tells him to hold his hand.  Claverhouse sets out immediately for London, taking false witnesses with him, and brings about the execution of Monmouth. The narrator comments that many brave men lie dead on the hill beyond the bridge and that the battle of Bothwell Hill will long be remembered and regretted.