“The Lads of Wamphray” Summary


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The Lads of Wamphray


The lads of Wamphray of the title are Johnstones and they are in a raiding relationship with the Crichtons. The Johnstones’ leader, the Galliard, goes to Nithsdale to steal the dun horse of the Crichtons’ leader, Simmy of the Side. He mistakenly takes a blind horse instead of the dun one and, when he rides away, the Crichtons overtake and capture him, along with his only companion, Willie o’ the Kirkhill. Although the Galliard offers a ransom, the Crichtons hang him. Willie returns to Wamphray and brings a band of riders back to Nithsdale where they steal some of the Crichtons’ cattle. The Crichtons attack them and they fight furiously for a time, with the Johnstones eventually gaining the upper hand. Willie proclaims that they have avenged the Galliard and that he himself has killed five opponents, and the Johnstones triumphantly drive the cattle home to Wamphray.