“Hughie the Graeme” Summary


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Hughie the Grame


Lord Scroope, an English warden, while out hunting, arrests Hughie the Græme for stealing the bishop’s mare. Græme remarks that he has a broad sword by his side and invites Lord Scroope to fight with him to see which of them is the better man.  Lord Scroope is exchanging blows with him when ten yeomen arrive on the scene and capture Græme. They take him to Carlisle, where the people give him their support but the jury condemn him. Lord and Lady Hume offer bribes to the judge to let Græme go free, but the judge is determined to hang all of the name of Græme and refuses. Græme sees his grieving father coming and comforts him by saying that his earthly life can be taken away but not his life in heaven. He takes farewell of his wife, Maggie, accusing her of being responsible for his death since she is the bishop’s whore. As his last act, Græme leaves his fine sword to Johnnie Armstrong, bidding him remember his death and use the sword accordingly.