“The Battle of Loudon Hill” Summary


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The Battle of Loudon Hill


A small band of Covenanters form battle ranks on Loudoun Hill under the command of Burley.  James Graham of Claverhouse, in command of the royal force, gives the order to fire on them.  His cornet urges him not to begin the conflict since the Covenanters will fight to the death in support of their cause and since Burley is an outstanding fighter.  The cornet foresees that he himself and many of his men would not return from battle and Claverhouse says he is surprised at his cowardice since he is descended from a noble Graham. The cornet says he is prepared to obey the order and that he will lead his men into action and, when he does so, twenty of this group of cavalry are killed immediately and Burley and his men put them to flight and drive the royalists into Glasgow.